• Pulqra is a collective of creatives dedicated to service and impact over profit incentive. Pulqra artists work in a democratized and organized manner, with equality and diversity represented in every collaboration that we are a part of. With a mission capitalist foundation, our collective is driven by mission, not profit. This structure allows for more efficient, effective, and significantly cheaper artistic development for our clients.
  • The Pulqra model is an alternative to conventional corporate structuring of labor and wage systems. Modern marketing and creative companies/art houses dictate pricing on an outdated model of falso scarcity. Art and skill sets are viewed as scarce skill sets that only a certain credential of education and elitism certifies. This fallacy has led to profit-centered marketing rather than client-centered collaboration. It is here that we change that process.
  • Launching in mid-August to the general public. Pulqra will maintain its invitation-only setup and serve most clients in our pro-bono method. It is of the utmost importance that the integrity of our mission is upheld: this is only possible with careful monitoring of efficiency and turnaround for product development.
  • For pricing information, contact information, or to schedule a consultation call, please email

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